favorite links


An international initiative dedicated to finding lost and stolen birds

Cozzzy Bird Cage Covers
Universal and custom bird cage covers

All Macaws
Specializing in handfed Hyacinth Macaws

Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association
Encouraging and promoting the highest standards

Avian Health Network
Working to stop the disease PDD

Behavior Works
Improving the quality of life for all learners

Bird Bolivia
Tourism & Travel agency

Bird Break Dance - Parrot Parties video
Watch Snowball rockin to the Back Street Boys

Hagen ...for pets
Bird and other pet food supplies and information

Australian Birdkeeper Magazine
The World's leading publisher on pet and aviary birds

Central Pets.com
It's all about pets!

Finch Information Center
All about building and maintaining tailor-made cages

Bird Tricks.com
Fixing your parrot's problems

Funny Animal Videos
Funny animals and pets caught in homemade videos

Gulliver's Island
Dedicated to raising awareness about a stranded macaw in Fanning Islands

Hawaiian Humane Society
Dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond

Hawaii Events Online
Your complete source for things to do in Hawaii

Hawaii Parrot.com
Specializing in breeding Eclectus, Sun and Green Cheek Conures

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
For all of the parrotheads!

Hyacinth Macaw Foundation
Dedicated to the preservation of the Hyacinth Macaw

Indian Ringneck Training Review
Chet Wolmach's incredible training for Indian Ringneck Parrots

Tropical Nature Travel
Promoting conservation through Ecotourism

Sun Conure.com
All about the little vibrant bundles of feathers!

Bird Guy's Missing Marley Story
Video news report from KGMB-TV in Honolulu

Parrots and Props.com
A shop full of props and bird toys

Parrots International
The largest collection of photos and videos of parrots

Delta Airlines' Pet Travel Requirements
Helpful information when shipping pets by air

Parrot Talk.com
Tips for recovering missing birds

Sleek & Sassy Nutrional Diet
Manufacturer of high quality food for exotic birds

The Alex Foundation
To support research on the cognitive and communicative abilities of parrots

Excellent resource on bird care and health

Ken Globus, the Bird Whisperer
Ken can calm down even the wildest birds!

Cockatiels 4 U
Handfeeding procedures

The Squawk Store
A holistic parrot supply store for the discerning "parront"!

Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary
Hawaii's only full-accredited exotic animal sanctuary

Wild Bird Rehab Haven
Dedicated to helping Hawaii's orphaned, ill and injured wild birds

World Parrot Trust
Saving parrots for over 20 years

Bird Guy Hawaii YouTube Video
Bruce talks about parrots and birds of all kinds

The Real Macaw YouTube Video
The world's most specialized nutcracker, the Hyacinth

The Singing Parrot YouTube Video
Three Little Birds

Einstein the Talking Parrot YouTube Video
Amazing talking parrot

Toucan On Drugs YouTube Video
Seeing is believing!

Waazzuuppp Parrot YouTube Video
The birds enjoy a Budweiser!